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Long Term Care Insurance Comparison - John Hancock Long-Term Care

When performing a long term care insurance comparison to select a provider for your business, there are a number of important questions to ask. For example, your long term care insurance comparison will want to take into account the number of years of long term care insurance marketing and administration each carrier has, as well as whether there are centralized resources and a dedicated account team available. Your comparison should also review the Daily Maximum Benefits, minimum participation requirements and coverage for nursing home or alternate care facilities. And of course, your long term care comparison should include the provider’s financial strength and reputation for customer service.
After performing a long term care insurance comparison, many companies select the products and plans available at John Hancock.

John Hancock scores high in a long term care insurance comparison

As a leading long term care insurance company for more than two decades, John Hancock rates highly in any long term care insurance comparison. John Hancock has earned a reputation for innovative products and outstanding customer service when it comes to long term care insurance – a strong advantage in comparison with other providers. CareChoice, underwritten by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, is one of the finest group long term care insurance plans available to employers today. The plan offers flexible, affordable coverage with benefits that cover a wide range of care in settings that include the home, adult day care centers, alternate care facilities and nursing homes.
Several aspects of CareChoice stand out in a long term care insurance comparison:
  • An expansive eligible group that can include siblings and adult children
  • A broad array of benefit levels to meet the needs of different employees
  • Informal care and stay-at-home benefits so that individuals can receive care from people they are familiar with in settings they feel comfortable in
  • A choice of inflation provisions that help coverage keep pace with rising costs in long term care

Financial ratings should play into a long term care insurance comparison

Your comparison of providers should include a review of financial strength ratings.
*To view our most current financial ratings, please go Financial strength ratings measure the Company's ability to honor its financial commitments and are subject to change. The ratings are not an assessment or recommendation of specific policy provisions, premium rates or practices of the insurance company.
Long Term Care Insurance Comparison - John Hancock Long-Term Care

Health Insurance Plan Comparison « Calculator to compare financial exposure with up to four different health-insurance plans

What Will They Really Cost You?
Compare up to Four Plans from your Marketplace or Employer
With so many variables, comparing health insurance plans — what they’ll end of costing you, total, over time — is really hard. This calculator’s especially good at helping you rule out the bad deals and focus on the better ones. Enter premiums (after subsidies) and other values for the plans you’re considering, then roll over the lines in the graph to see your total outlays.
Refresh your browser if the app does not appear immediately.
Note: This app refreshes periodically, which will remove entered values. (A server issue we’re working on.) Enter your values and adjust various app display settings, then click the arrow icon at the bottom of the app to generate a PDF or PNG (Image) of your results. Or just grab a screen shot on your computer.
An example of how to use this: Why would anyone buy the purple plan here for an extra thousand dollars a year, instead of the green plan, which offers the same or better financial protection? Turn off the blue and orange checkboxes to see that comparison clearly, and zoom the X axis to get a close-up look at how more-typical healthy years will play out.
Health Insurance Plan Comparison « Calculator to compare financial exposure with up to four different health-insurance plans

International Health Insurance Comparison for International Citizens

When choosing an international health insurance plan for yourself or your family, you are often confronted with a number of different plans which may all look similar, but are all very different and unique - most offering slightly different coverage compared to each other.

Insurance resources moving to

In order to offer a more comprehensive resource for international insurance options, we are moving the majority of our content to where you can find comparisons of more products and companies in the travel and medical insurance business.

Not only do we offer some of the very best health insurance plans for internationals and expatriates from all around the world, our highly trained insurance agents are on hand to assist you and provide you with all the information to purchase the right insurance plan for you. To get started, we have a range of expatriate health insurance plans that will offer a range of coverage options that should meet most requirements.

International Health Insurance Plan Comparison on

To make your insurance purchase easier, we have created an online comparison chart (Click to Compare) so you can quickly and easily see all the plans side-by-side, allowing you to evaluate the plans and see the benefits of each against the others. Our online comparison tool does not show you the full plan benefits, so please make sure to view the full policy benefits and exclusions before purchasing your insurance plan.


For the next few months, we will maintain the below comparisons for existing customers. With this comparison, you can get an idea of the features and benefits of each plan compared to one another. Please then contact our customer support team, as we will be more than happy to provide personalized quotes and suggestions for your situation.

International Health Insurance Comparison for International Citizens

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes - Allstate

Getting quotes from auto insurance providers is easy. You can pick up the phone and talk to an agent, or you can get your quote right on the insurer's website. These days, you can get an accurate idea of how much car insurance will cost you just by punching in a few figures on your computer. But once you've got a handful of quotes in front of you, how do you determine which policy will suit you best? Here are a few tips to help you effectively compare car insurance quotes.

Couple compares insurance rates

Understand that cost isn't everything.

When you first start comparing auto insurance quotes, it may be tempting to base your decision on the "bottom line:" Which policy will cost me the least amount of money out of pocket? Some people don't want to spend too much time shopping for car insurance—and for this reason, price is often the sole determining factor. But, price is not the only thing to consider when you're trying to get the most coverage for your money. If you're really interested in figuring out which auto insurance provider will offer you the best bang for your buck, you have to look beyond dollar signs and pick through the fine details that separate one from the other.

Get all of your information in order.

When you compare car insurance quotes with an eye toward buying auto insurance, you don't want ballpark figures. You want to know exact dollar amounts and precise coverage limits. In order to ensure there's accuracy in the quotes you receive, be ready to provide information like the make and model of your car, as well as all of its safety features. Since you'll also be asked about your driving record, it's important not to omit anything that could change your quote. Likewise, be ready to provide all information about any past accidents you've been involved in and how much money in claims your insurer paid out as a result. Past claims can have an impact on your quote amount.

Leave no stone unturned.

Comparing car insurance quotes isn't always like comparing apples to apples. Sometimes, it can be more like comparing apples to oranges... or apples to baseballs. The fact is, not all car insurance policies are the same, and there are numerous car insurance coverage options to choose from. Failing to conduct a thorough comparison could put you at risk of missing something critical. To prevent overlooking important details, make sure that each quote takes into account the same level of coverage for bodily injury, property damage liability, collision coverage, uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection, and then look at the other factors involved in your decision. Never assume that the coverage involved in all quotes will be identical. If you make this assumption, you could find yourself choosing a policy that's missing something vital—like adequate collision coverage or bodily injury coverage.

Take a look at your existing policy for reference.

Not everyone shopping for car insurance has an existing policy. But if you do, prefacing your quote comparison by reviewing your existing auto insurance policy is a great place to start. Are there some levels of coverage you could stand to lower, or do you need more coverage? Is your personal injury protection coverage too low? Use your current auto insurance policy as a measuring stick to determine if you're getting the best coverage for the best price.

Opinions matter.

Getting the opinion of friends, family members and neighbors who have had experiences with different car insurance providers is a good way of narrowing down your choices. When it comes right down to it, there are some insurance companies that are better than others at delivering high-caliber customer service and a speedy claims process. Since these factors can't be compared on paper, it makes sense to dig a little deeper into the "real world" reputation of an insurance company by talking with people who have had first-hand experience. If you're not satisfied with what you've learned by talking directly with those you know, take your search online. You can learn a lot by reading customer comments on discussion forums and social media websites.

Research the insurance company's financial standing.

Just because a worst-case scenario is unlikely to occur doesn't mean it's impossible. Think about what could happen if you insure your vehicle with a provider that's in the process of steep economic decline. It could cause pending claims to be held up indefinitely, or you might even lose coverage if the insurance company in question goes under. Before you pick an insurer, check out the company's credit rating onA.M. Best. It's free, it's easy, and it's the smart thing to do.

Ready to get started? Get a quote on

Car Insurance Rates: Auto Insurance Comparison | Progressive

It's a standard way to shop: Decide what you want, then price it with a handful of companies.
This is easy to do at Progressive. We compare car insurance rates right inside your quote. And then you know what the car insurance package you created would cost at other companies.

Three big perks of a Progressive car insurance comparison:

We give it to you straight.
Because you're starting from the same coverage package, you're comparing auto insurance based solely on price.
All the rates are accurate.
That's because insurance companies file their rates with the state—and this information is public. So, we calculate other companies' rates the same way they do.
It's a lot faster.
This one's straightforward: There's simply less information to fill in...and it's a single quote versus multiple car insurance quotes.

The 30+ Best Starbucks Cup Spelling FAILs of All Time

The 30+ Best Starbucks Cup Spelling FAILs of All Time

Starbucks baristas have to deal with a lot of information with every coffee order: half-caf, decaf, extra foam, two cups, room for cream, soy, sugar-free, blah blah blah. After they note ALL THESE UNNECESSARY INSTRUCTIONS, they have to decipher your name. That's not so hard, right? 

"Skinny chai latte, room temperature, extra cinnamon, two straws, no lid, double fast for Odri." Odri? That's an interesting name, never heard that before. Except for every time a person called "Audrey" introduces themselves. 

Starbucks name fails are a way of life, not just for people with hard names to spell, but everyday folks with names like Brian and Melissa who become the hapless victims of weird Starbucks name spellings. These funny Starbucks names range from slight oversights to glaring errors, but one thing these Starbucks spelling errors all share: hilarity (and possibly caffeine). The weird names on Starbucks cups are at times intentional, sometimes sad, but definitely worth having a look at.

What are the dumbest things ever written on a Starbucks cup? What are some funny names people use at Starbucks? Check out this list of Starbucks spelling fails, and you will soon feel a lot better that "E" that got left off the end of your orange mocha frappucino this morning. 

If you feel like switching gears and seeing the not so funny side of one of the world's favorite coffee chains, check out the 5 most violent things ever to happen at a Starbucks. No word on whether these incidents involved a store discontinuing the pumpkin spice latte for the season. 

The 30+ Best Starbucks Cup Spelling FAILs of All Time

The Best Fox Comedies of All Time

The Best Fox Comedies of All Time

Television has been a vital part of American culture and society since its inception. This list of the best FOX comedies of all time as voted on by men and women just scratches the surface of television. But when you want to laugh, the FOX comedies on this list will do the trick.

From cartoons, to variety shows, daytime soaps, and comedies, television gives us a myriad of programs to choose from. This list includes top FOX comedy series like "That ‘70s Show," "Family Guy," "The Simpsons," and "New Girl." This list can help you find the top FOX comedies, for those nights when you just need a laugh.

Vote up your favorite FOX comedies below, or vote down the ones you can't stand to watch.

The Best Fox Comedies of All Time

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